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pre-blended oils
Massage oils West Bridgford Nottingham

When you come for your massage you can choose a pre-blended aromatherapy oil to suit your mood or outcome of your treatment.  All oils have a sunflower base and are then blended with a number of different essential oils in order to relax, energise or balance.

Relax - a soothing massage oil blended to help restore harmony and calm to your body and bring balance to your senses.

Clary Sage eases nervous tension as frankincense and bergamot overcome stress and anxiety. The powerful rose oil boosts circulation and revitalises the body, whilst essential acids from the camellia oil regenerate and soothe.

Energise - an invigorating blend of oils to help stimulate the mind and re-energise the body. Containing; Bergamot and Lavender to ease stress and help balance the nervous system, Eucalyptus to de-congest and Thyme to overcome sluggishness and muscular tension. Also features added Passion Flower which is high in Vitamin E and active minerals.

Balance - a joyful massage oil blended to help settle and restore your balance in times of emotional stress.

Containing Bergamot and Lavender to help stabilise the nervous system, the warmth of Benzoin to eases anxiety and tension, Petitgrain to evoke a positive attitude, Rosemary to revive metal clarity, Sweet Orange for resilience and Evening Primrose, which is rich in essential fatty acids to provide emotional stability.

Detox - a purifying blend of oils to help eliminate toxins and cleanse the body. It features the active ingredients of Juniper; to de-congest and detoxify, Orange; to help balance and uplift and Patchouli; to calm. All presented in Jojoba carrier oil which is known for its highly penetrative natural moisture.

Muscle ease - a warming blend of oils to help revive aching and tired muscles and re-charge and restore energy levels. It contains; powerful Ginger to stimulate circulation and help overcome sluggishness, Sweet Marjoram for muscular spasm and stiffness, Lemon and Eucalyptus to cleanse and de-congest and the nutrients of St Johns Wort to help alleviate bruising and soothe inflammation.

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