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cancellation policy

This policy covers cancellations and postponements of appointments.

  1. If a Client wishes to cancel an appointment with re massage therapy, then 48 hours’ notice is required otherwise a £10 fee will be charged.

  2. If a Client wishes to rearrange an appointment then again 48 hours' notice is required otherwise a £10 fee will be charged.

  3. The £10 fee may be waived if the appointment is rearranged to be held within the next working week, subject to availability. For example if an appointment for Wednesday is rearranged to the following week (Monday - Friday) then the payment will not be charged.

  4. If a Client consistently cancels or rearranges appointments, then re massage therapy reserves the right to request full payment in advance of the appointment or may choose to no longer accept bookings from the Client.

  5. If the client does not show up to an appointment and there has been no communication with re massage therapy beforehand the client will be charged the full appointment fee.

  6. The cancellation/postponement fee may be waived in the case that the client tests positive for Covid-19 at the time of the appointment or in the case of another serious medical issue.

  7. Re massage therapy reserves the right to cancel, modify or terminate an Appointment, if there are serious grounds for doing so, and will advise the Client accordingly.

  8. Re massage therapy may cancel the Client's appointment if the Therapist is unwell or tests positive for Covid-19, or another member of their household is displaying symptoms or tests positive.

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